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Service is at the heart of everything 4Life does. As you change your life with the phenomenal 4Life products and outstanding financial opportunity, you can change others’ lives through meaningful acts of service.

Our goal is to make a real difference in the lives of children and their families in the countries where 4Life conducts business. By creating long-lasting relationships with on-the-ground aid organizations and families, we build a legacy of service that allows children in need to become productive citizens in their communities.

We focus on three essential areas of a child’s life—nutrition, shelter, and education. As distributors and employees support our non-profit entity, Foundation 4Life®, and our for-profit 4Life Fortify® nutrition program, we can provide children and their families with the necessary tools to become self-sufficient and discover the power to break the cycle of poverty for generations to come.


4Life Fortify®

In many parts of the world, parents and caregivers ration daily earnings to provide children with one decent meal per day. This lack of quality nutrition has a lifelong impact on physical, social, and economic development.

4Life Fortify is much more than a bag of food. It’s a lifeline for a child, a family, a community, and an entire society. 4Life Fortify provides energy and health support so a child can go to school and contribute to her community. Each bag includes rice, lentils, beans, a nutritional complex of vitamins and minerals, and 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula.

4Life Fortify is a for-profit product that provides distributors with a direct opportunity to be a positive influence in the global hunger crisis. Distributors can purchase and donate 4Life Fortify to build the life of a child—and build their business at the same time. Each bag is worth 25 Life Points (LP) in the Life Rewards Plan™.

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