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It Works! Skinny Cold Brew
Be your own barista and support your health with a skinny, iced White Mocha at home.
15 Servings - $50.00
30 Servings - $80.00
60 Servings - $116.00
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Main Features

  • Boosts metabolism and energizes the body to burn calories and body fat.

  • Features clinically proven Bl-04® probiotic that actively supports immunity.

  • Replenishes beneficial gut bacteria to support a healthy microbiome.

  • Fires up focus and concentration with six, brain-boosting nootropics.

  • Developed exclusively to enjoy over ice, multiple times a day!



How to Use

  • Suggested Use: Simply empty a packet into 6-8 fl. oz. of iced water and mix well. Be sure to enjoy it cold to preserve the probiotics.

Supplemental Facts

  • Serv. size: 1 packet (6 g), Amount per serving: Calories 15, Total Carb. 4 g (1% DV*), Fiber 2 g (7% DV*), Chromium (as chromium picolinate) 333 mcg (951% DV), Skinny Blend (Coffee powder [providing 75 mg caffeine]), chicory root (inulin), green tea leaf extract (providing 33.75 mg EGCG), green coffee (Coffea robusta) bean extract (providing 25 mg caffeine), guaraná seed extract, maté leaf extract) 5.143 g**, Nootropic Brain Blend (L-theanine, L-alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine [alpha GPC]), Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract, bacopa whole herb extract, rhodiola root extract) 50 mg**, Immune Support† Blend (Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04®, Bacillus coagulans) 7 mg**. Total Probiotic Activity 2 Billion CFUs

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